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Three words and a lot of arguments to choose us if you want to be sure that your shipments reach the destination. The operation of Mora Transport Ltd. and a half decades of experience in early gained, due to which the international express freight furgonos one of the best domestic companies. Europe's leading international express company is working with suppliers, but also more than a hundred, large and small domestic companies have chosen our service. What is to exceed the confidence to always fulfill the highest possible standard orders.

Three major international our client due mainly Germany, Switzerland, Romania and the destination, the goods are most electronics and auto parts, but up to 1200 kg we take other transportation to Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland (or area) as well.

The Móra Trans Kft.


The company id. Mora Imre founded in 1997. In the early years of a 7.5 ton truck and two vehicles made up the machinery. During this period, even without the express was the main activity, but even then it was shown that was going in the right direction of the enterprise. Always essential for us to offer our customers the best solution for the highest quality.



This was the principle when the EU accession in 2004 abolished the customs, the company changed profile, plant, exchange, and international express transportation furgonos continue. The profile switch contributed to this year out of college as a traffic engineer jr. Imre Mora. Thus, the founding father's experience, and his son, the new manager with his skills got together in the new transportation company.


All this thanks to an international carrier, transport company was born, which is form the smallest to the largest outsourcers, servings its customers with the highest standards.