Always know where the road takes…


Our main goal is that our clients are happy with our service. This is a lot of things to be done in the highest possible standard. Planning, organization, well-trained drivers and high-quality, reliable vehicles are needed.

But equally important is that during transport the packet path can be followed in full. By the logistics center as well as by the customer. So our partners have been given not only picking up packaging, departing, arrival basic information, but also have the opportunity to know exactly where you are in a vehicle.
Our company is the market leader in satellite monitoring WebEye use, allowing customers the proper Internet connection at home can track exactly where you are in the car, which he checked the package delivered to the destination. The 0-24 hour duty system will add to the safety and the flow of information.

The most professional system

DATA ACCURACY We also used WebEye fleet tracking system not only us but also our clients - you can check the operation of a vehicle, movement. The vehicle tracking device is an extremely easy to install, small appliance. Main elements: GPS (location), telephone module for GSM / GPRS (communication between the vehicle and the center), the PCB (controller). During the operation of the WebEye gather, store and process the data recorded in units of the vehicle, and the results over the Internet to transmit to the user.
REAL TIME The system provides a real-time (real time) after the software module that enables the routing of shipments, the delivery of follow-up. The system accurately displays the vehicle's exact location, status, direction of movement and speed.
OPTIMIZED COSTS The system is therefore twofold WebEye help. Partners can fully control our activities, we can optimize it, making it realistic for the transportation charges and the service fee.